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Here are customer testimonials showing how advertising with HTP Company LLC has brought great results and satisfaction. Have a success story to share? Please take the time to let us know about it!

Mike K gives HTP 5 stars:

Great customer service, these guys really get the job done. They are a first class company. Thanks Tom, for helping my business grow.

Wes R. gives HTP 5 stars:

In summer of 2010 I began speaking with HTP Company regarding an aggressive SEO campaign. For years our website has struggled to gain a footing on search engines, partly due to a site design flaw and partly due to another SEO company's failure to live up to goals. I was hesitant to try HTP Company but found many positive reviews online so we took a chance and began an aggressive campaign. I can happily attest to the fact that HTP Company was able to fix the design flaw in our site as well as create a tailored campaign that fit our goals and budget perfectly. Just a few months later and our site is now showing up near the top on all major search engines for our keywords. I would definitely recommend speaking with HTP Company as they are experts in their field and extremely easy to work with.

Dr. Alexander Strande M.S., Ph.D gives HTP 5 stars:

Hi My name is Dr. Aleksander Strande and I have over twenty years experience as a Naturopath. I provide Alternative Medicine Naturopathy Herbal Treatment and Remedy for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, and Chronic Fatigue. Internet is accompanied since my business started. I worked with many different companies to develop my clinic and be visible on search engines. HTP Company is one of the best. They provide professional services. Since I started working with them my web page is on the top of most popular search engines. Working with them is a valuable pleasure. Dr. Alexander Strande M.S., Ph.D

Mike from Georgia gives HTP 5 stars:

I have gone through more than a few company's saying that they would or could get my company listed organically on the search engines. None of them actually came through, but as soon as I hired HTP they had me up and running in the first couple of weeks. Secondly, I also was having to hire out another service company to get me listed on the local maps, HTP now handles that aspect of things as well and again they were one of the very few company's that were actually able to get me listed, but they have proven to be the only company that has been able to not just get me listed but also keep my presence up and on the first page so that my potential clients are presented with my company first off. Also HTP is also one of the very few company's that I have tried that can actually handle customer service properly. They seem to know who I am each time that I call, and they are very personable with me. They really understand that their business is very virtual reality and doesn't lend it self to personal relationships, well they really combat that feeling by always knowing who I am and handling any issues in a personal manner very efficiently. At least this has always been my experience so far.

Michael Weilert gives HTP 5 stars:

I just wanted to say what a great experience working with HTP has been. Everyone has been professional and very helpful. Our website hits have dramatically and steadily increased since we started working with HTP. I would highly recommend them to any business for SEO.

Michael Weilert
V.P. Sales & Marketing
Cheque-Mate International, Inc.

Betsy D. gives HTP 5 stars:

After 5 years owning a small business and having a traditional website without much content, I decided to do an SEO campaign. I was pretty ignorant when it came to exactly what it meant and was helped tremendously through the rough spots by Jeremiah and Payam my two promoters. I also saw the need to completely revamp my website. I was given great advise as to what try to achieve through it. I had no idea what was all involved or even how a website with a SEO campaign worked. Well I am happy to say that the site is finished and my ranking is improving all the time.

I was alittle leery of dealing with a company at opposite ends of the map from me since I am on the east coast and they are on the west. But I am happy that I chose them. Sourjya my web developer was very patient with me and was even working on my site on Thanksgiving! I feel confident that my business will grow bigger and better then before.

Slot Machines gives HTP 5 stars:

I own a small business and have always done my own marketing. After several years of being listed organically in the search engines in the 6th position, I started working with the HTP Company 2 months ago. I am already in the 4th position for the first time! Aside from excellent results, the staff has been attentive, professional, knowledgeable, and timely. I am a very satisifed customer.

Lian T. gives HTP 5 stars:

I am a small business owner, and have paid thousands of dollars to Citygrid media to run my SEO program, I saw great results, but the price was overwhelming and it was almost impossible to get a hold of anyone when I had issues or questions. HTP company contacted me and offered a great deal, they were honest and sweet, and even though they are on the other side of the country, I feel like they are right here. I always get is a very warm feeling when speaking to anyone who works there, as if we are not just doing business together, but they are really concerned and looking out for my interest. They call me regularly to give me updates. They treat me like a person, and not an ATM machine, and have shown nothing but superb service and results since we started working together. I HIGHLY recommend doing business with them. Lian Tal Body & Pole NYC.

Jason G. gives HTP 4 stars:

I recently worked with HTP Company (PPC division) and had them manage my Adwords account. The experience was good, especially after dealing with another PPC management company. They corrected the mistakes in the ads that the other company had written, eliminated the wasteful keywords, changed my geotargeting to match the areas that I actually wanted to go after, etc. They got an increase in click through rate of about 200% in the first month, which I was impressed with. They were also quick to respond to emails and calls, and actually addressed concerns on a detailed level rather than coming back with canned responses. All of those things should be expected from a PPC company that knows what they’re doing, but what really pleased me is that they were also willing to take on some website related tasks that weren’t a part of our contract, and for no charge, simply in an effort to get the PPC to be efficient and profitable. Recommended.

Jon MacEachern gives HTP 5 stars:

I've had the pleasure of working with HTP Company for the past several months and only have great things to say about them. I engaged with their SEO services on different projects which generated leads to my business via phone calls, clicks to my website and walk-ins. HTP Company is very professional, easy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other business owners looking to increase their sales and revenue. - Jon MacEachern, Gairden Services.

CEO Sherri Murphy and VP Tamara Pickle gives HTP 5 stars:

I started my matchmaking company Elite Connections 15 years ago. I was luckily introduced to Tom Forrest and HTP Company. I had no clue how to get my company out there in the crazy world wide web. But Tom and HTP Company have guided me in the right direction all these years and have helped me save thousands of dollars a month. Google and Yahoo have gotten rediculouly expensive. HTP Company has helped us get many more clients for thousands less a month than I was paying the search engines. They have an amazing and knowledgeable staff that you can reach round the clock. I've been working with SEO and website people for 15 years and I believe HTP Company hires some of the best in the world. Sherri Murphy

CEO Sherri Murphy and VP Tamara Pickle

Rich and Chantal gives HTP 5 stars:

I have been searching to boost my Internet presence for years now and I have tried a few Internet Marketing companies. Some that have called me and offered false promises and some that I have been referred to. But noone has been able to get me the results like HTP Company. They sat down and help me analyze my objectives to come up with a internet campaign that would suit my business based on my budget. We are doing some pay per click plus organic search and I finally was able to get the phone to ring and generate some sales. As you know the internet is a numbers game. You need enough traffic flow to your site to have the opportunity to close a sale. Their staff is professional and highly knowledgeable and I would highly recommend using HTP Company. Rich and Chantal GW Insurance Services

Doug Dupre gives HTP 5 stars:

I have had an excellent business relationship with HTP Company for several years now. I have found that they offer an array of services that have been extremely helpful to my business. I believe they are experts in their field and the proof is in the tremendous increase in website traffic and business that I have enjoyed. Their search engine optimization is second to none and I would highly recommend HTP for anyone who is serious about having a significant online presence. Our website has gone to the top of Google and all the other search engines. I am very pleased to say the least....Doug Dupre

Paul Allan gives HTP 5 stars:

When I opened Custom Framing To You, I knew I needed to find a knowledgeable company to help provide me with a total online marketing solution. After looking at several highly qualified options, I chose HTP Company because they were able to provide my company with a complete array of online services such as Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Web Hosting, Programming, and Web Site Metrics. HTP Company’s expert staff took time to explain all of my options, and they delivered an excellent web site design to me in a very short time. I am also very satisfied with the on-going support provided by HTP Company, and I highly recommend them. If you want to be noticed on the web, you will consult with HTP Company and give them the opportunity to show you their proven results. I believe that hiring HTP Company was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Ron Stitch gives HTP 5 stars:

I have been using HTP Company's search engine optimization services for many years. The results have been outstanding! I have diverted the money I used to spend on yellow page advertising to HTP with much better results. And, besides results, the personnel at HTP company always respond promptly to my inquiries and requests. I would highly recommend HTP's services to any company that wants to increase it's sales by effective and targeted exposure for it's services and products on the internet.

Ronald Stitch
Attorney and Mediator

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