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Social Media Services

If you own a business that is using the web and you have not yet taken advantage of social media marketing, you're missing out on some very exciting opportunities. There are many exceptional benefits to playing the social media marketing game. In fact, it's safe to say that your competitors are already waging a social media marketing campaign of their own. The only question is, how far behind are you right now?

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to increase loyalty and trust for your brand. Social media is considerably more personalized than many traditional marketing methods used in past years gone by. Prospective customers and existing customers alike are able to get to know your company in a new and innovative way. To grow and expand your business, you'll need to earn that added trust as well as repeat business social media marketing delivers. Like many other forms of advertising, repetitive connections with consumers convert. Social media allows you the opportunity to remain within reach of potential customers so that when the time is right, and your service is required, you're within sight. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Social media widens your reach and helps you:

  • Increase Loyalty and Trust
  • Reach Out to a Wider Audience
  • Enhance Your Level of Customer Service
  • Conduct Research with Ease
  • Reach New Heights in Search

Creating effective social media marketing involves first and foremost, joining social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Starting from scratch can take time, a little know-how, and effort, but is surely worth-while. Businesses are increasingly turning away from traditional forms of media like television, radio, newspapers and magazines and building out active social media profiles to reach their audience. This also allows you to gauge, at least to some extent, how satisfied your customers are with your offerings. Are consumers able to get the help and support they need quickly and reliably?

Social media marketing is an excellent way to enhance the quality of your customer service. When customers see that you maintain an active presence on social sites, there is a feeling of comfort you’re not far (from reach) or far behind (the times). Customers are also more likely to reach out for assistance through these channels, initially breaking the ice or otherwise measure how difficult or easy it may be to reach you in times of need. It gives you an added opportunity to turn a lead into a sale and last but certainly not least, it helps in search (off-site optimization). When it comes to search engine marketing, Google and other search sites have made it no secret that they do infact use social media circles to measure importance.

Example of Social Media Activity Spike on Facebook

Social Media Facebook Services

The bottom line is that you simply can't afford to miss engaging in social media marketing, to at least some extent. How aggressive you choose to be is up to you but missing the boat completely is no longer an option. HTP Company can help you with this critical area of business, regardless of your budget. Whether it's simply creating your accounts on these social sites, designing those presences you'll maintain, or managing the updates to these pages, HTP has a social media marketing business plan for you. Find out today how social media marketing could be the simplest, cost effective addition to your marketing efforts.

Working with HTP Company allows you to concentrate on what you do best - running your company. As our client you can rest assured that your marketing department is doing what they do best - handling your web site promotion. Ready to get started? Let us surprise you with an affordable quote by filling out the form below.

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