Internet Marketing Strategy

Different business models require different marketing strategies to make advertising efficient. Business owners often find, through much trial and error, that certain marketing methods are more successful than others eventually abandoning methods found ineffective through either conversion optimization, close monitoring and reporting or other data which is gathered during the course of a campaign. Strategic planning can make things more effective within a shorter period of time by taking a deep initial look at different strategies before deploying them, prior case studies in a similar niche or industry as well as what major competitors are targeting in search. Doing so ensures your business is going after the right strategies to effectively drive and increase sales.

Internet Advertising: Internet Marketing

HTP Company can help with these and other Internet marketing strategies by assigning our outstanding Internet marketing professionals to assist you in creating and delivering your marketing message. Our firm provides marketing, Internet advertising, strategic search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising services, keyword research, rich content development, log file analysis, link popularity strategies, result reporting as well as sales consulting for businesses.

Regardless of your particular goals (improving online sales, increasing brand awareness, maximizing Internet marketing investments), selecting the appropriate search engine positioning partner is paramount to achieving your Internet marketing objectives. Internet marketing service providers are clearly not the same and most of the major search engines have different methods to award top positions for competitive keywords (e.g. shopping, money, cars, etc.) only to companies who pay, have excellent content and perform thorough search engine optimization while adhering to search engine guidelines. Your Internet marketing service provider will make all the difference in delivering actual, significant results.

Search Engine Optimization

Research concludes, time and time again, that search engine optimization or ‘SEO’, when conducted over a period of time, is far more beneficial to a company’s overall visibility on the Internet. Marketers know that there are options available when choosing to be found online and a business’s return on investment needs to be considered against the cost of advertising in search engines like, Yahoo and Microsoft, where about 90% of new customer acquisition takes place.

Pay-Per-Click Services

When users click on banner ads, advertisers pay a fee for that visitor. This allows your business to pay only for the actual traffic you receive. The cost per click can range widely based on an ‘auction type system’ where an ads quality and competition determines the actual rates advertisers pay. Careful examination of click through rates will ensure that these campaigns are working effectively costing you the least possible for the most traffic.

Pay per click advertising has become increasingly effective over the last few years as ad serving technology has greatly evolved. Targeting particular users based on either relevance as well as individual user habits have transformed how search engines deliver ads. Campaigns can be set to target people, who have visited pages on topics which exhibit significant interest in a particular product or service, considering increasing the likelihood of conversion. Never before has pay per click advertising been as effective as it is today.

Mobile Device Advertising

Experts such as Google predict that during the next three years, more users will browse the Internet from their mobile phone or a similar tablet type device than PCs or Laptop based systems. While most mobile devices have browsers which can display web sites fairly well regardless of having a mobile version, businesses will spend considerable time, effort and money ensuring the mobile experience of their web presence is as simple, easy to navigate and helpful as it would be on a desktop. Consumers are likely to get a poor opinion of a company if they aren't able to get any use out of the web site on their device as it is becoming a common practice to ensure your site is viewable on most screens.

Video Advertising

Videos share a prominent place in online advertising and help drive sales. Social video sites are the common places to market your video for both traffic and brand establishment. Most video sites have become genuinely popular among your customers and thought-provoking ads have can lend credibility to your marketing messages. It’s also highly regard in search engines as more and more of web spends time viewing and searching for videos.

Advertising through Social Media

Many businesses are opening up pages on the most popular social networking sites in addition to their regular social video pages. This can be smart if correctly applied. Again, offering useful content is a great way to drive traffic and build relationships with your customers. Social networking should also be interactive, keeping regularly updated information in front of consumers, and developing trust for your brand image. Consumers like to feel that they have some input in the way that products and services are developed. Research has concluded that employees of corporations feel that executives who choose to engage social media are more equipped to communicate with their staff. This also translates to consumers choosing which business to partner with. Communication is an ethical part of all aspects of your business, from marketing, management and image, social media is here to stay, and if a business has the means, this channel should not be missed.

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