Why does your business need an SEO Company? Search engines have evolved in many ways within the past few years. The technology and algorithms involved have transformed SEO services from what began as a simple mathematical science to what models much more like an artificial intelligence. Understanding these critical changes is what sets HTP Company apart from most SEO companies in the marketplace. HTP Company uses some of the most advanced SEO strategies in the industry. From creating compelling sales driven ads to the visibility those ads will receive, HTP Company offers affordable and next generation consulting with true search engine optimization making your online advertising efforts more profitable. Need more info? Our courteous staff would be delighted to hear from you!

* HTP Company LLC can analyze most web sites and make recommendations. We start with a short phone consultation and then make recommendations and prepare a quotation for increasing your traffic and helping to grow your business. An optimization campaign is separated into "on page" optimization and "off page" optimization and Google PPC Adwords. The costs can and do vary greatly, this depends on many factors, including but not limited to: How competitive your keyword phrases are. Whether or not you want paid banner or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Remember this is marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), the bigger your budget the more campaigns we can run on your behalf. We can have staff working on this full time if your budget allows this option. There are hundreds of more factors involved in the cost for our professional services. HTP Company LLC can help you with all your Internet marketing and search engine optimization projects including Internet Marketing Strategy and Internet Advertising consultant as well as Agency services and training about web directories that Google trusts. Please contact us to discuss advertising your web site on high traffic web properties. HTP Company can help you with Internet marketing strategies, advertising, and visitor tracking. We can generate tremendous targeted traffic to your web site. We offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements on Yahoo, BING and Google.

Google Search Results Suffer After Effort to Clean Up Spam
This is an outright awful search result which warrants a post all its own. Is this what you would want to see if you were searching read more...

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