The Billionaire Dumbass Criminals Strike Again

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I am interviewing Attorneys to help me with my legal case against Google and Twitter, if you can help me with my personal injury case please phone me at 805.807.4645

The Billionaire Dumbass Criminals Strike Again

See the Undercover Video that Google is hiding from you.

Google broke into my personal accounts for about the 20th time and they break in and spy on my Blogger account 95+% of the time. Google also illegally read 100% of my Gmail's, my daughters Gmail's and my friends Gmail's. We have the evidence. Google also downloaded customized spy software onto my computer and my Android phone. Then spied on me illegally via my Chrome browser.
Please see the details and screenshots below.

Google is busted the in the most embarrassing way.

A good place for Google Criminals to work.

Please visit for more evidence against Twitter and Google.
Unfortunately there is a huge amount of evidence of crimes, including crimes committed against me and my family.

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